We do more than just clean your carpets!

Upholstery Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Carpet Wash, and other Cleaning Services in San Antonio, Texas.

Carpeting Cleaning Services Available in San Antonio, Texas

We are the most complete, efficient, one stop shop for The Best Carpet Cleaning Services in the state of Texas!  Our affordable rates will meet or beat the competition.  If you can't find exactly what you need from our list of services then give us a call - we'll make it happen!
All of our services come with our eco-friendly guarantee, competitive pricing, award winning service, along with our state of the art carpet cleaner technology.
Our eco-friendly guarantee is an important part of our carpet cleaning service.  Most companies in the San Antonio area use gasoline to run their equipment.  Our equipment has the power to deep clean your carpets without having to use a truck mount or toxic chemicals.

All of our Cleaning Services are held up to the Highest Standards
Our history of being a Carpet Cleaning Company is based out of San Antonio, Texas, and in San Antonio like most people realize there are certain standards that businesses look up  up to.  Our Carpet Cleaning Services are held up to even higher standards that we set by ourselves.
We offer a wide variety of cleaning services in San Antonio including water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor refinishing, window washing, and more.
Each one of these cleaning services are guaranteed to be the best in our chosen industry.  Our Carpet Cleaning is 100% eco-friendly, and uses state of the art equipment which will give our loyal San Antonio customers the strong cleaning power on the twelfth floor of a office building as they'd get on the first floor with a cleaning truck outside.  We've set these standards at our Carpet Cleaning Company because we strive to give you the best service your money can buy.

We are excited to earn your business in San Antonio as its another opportunity to make a great name for our Carpet Cleaning Company by making just one more drive to a customers place of residence. Our company has a wide variety of cleaning services at our disposal, give us a call today to get a free quote

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Water & Flood Damage Restoration
If you've experienced flood damage in your home, business or other property recently call us at 210-899-4211 immediately.  Secondary damage will occur unless you take care of the affected property within the first 48 hours.
Secondary damage includes weakened structural integrity of your property, damage to the floors below, and irremovable stench.  Our professional service is available 24 hours a day.  Visit our complete Water & Floor Damage Restoration Page by clicking here for additional details.
Tile & Grout Cleaning Services
in San Antonio, Texas
Our state of the art machines will make your floors look cleaner than when you bought the place.  Believe it or not, there is a serious technique when it comes to tile & grout cleaning.  Needing the power to remove the dirt & stains without removing the tile finish is quite the balancing act.
Most companies such as Stanley's, or other corporate brand don't even offer grout removal because they are franchised companies, not a family owned & operated like ourselves.
Feeling like your life is on pause when a handyman, or appliance repair guy comes to your house to fix something?  We know the feeling, and that's why we are the one stop shop for all your cleaning needs.  Listening to our customers was the key in making sure we are able to provide a wide variety of services.
Why not get your Tile & Grout Cleaned, your kitchen Hardwood Floors Refinished, and your Carpets Cleaned in one shot.  Although we don't offer any buy one get two free deals we do discount bundled services.
Upholstery Cleaning Services in
San Antonio, Texas
​Our professional service makes your precious furniture look better by removing all the visible and hidden signs of wear and tear from your furniture. We'd love to tell you more about how exactly your upholstery is cleaned, and give you the assurance that we stay away from the use of toxic chemicals in our cleaning products.
If you'd like more information about how we can get your couches, sofas, chairs and even that Lazy Boy from 20 years ago click here.
Hardwood Floor Installation
& Refinishing
Hardwood floors are the key sellers in most real estate transactions.  House buyers are always looking for hardwood floors because they add a certain comfy home appeal while being low maintenance.  As most home owners later realize, nothing on this earth is low maintenance!  Refinishing a hardwood floor is actually an extremely tedious job that needs to be done very carefully because damage can occur very easily.  After the polyurethane is applied and dried there is only a short window of opportunity to apply the top coat that seals everything.
Our refinishing products are also environmentally safe, and as with all of our services it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Area Rug Cleaning Services
in the San Antonio Area
We don't stop at just carpet cleaning, but instead we know you'll stop at us for all your cleaning needs.  We have a specialized machine just for Area Rugs such as this one.  Persian  & Oriental rugs add a unique ambiance to your house, but get trap dirt very easily.
Due to its high contrast of bright colors, stains and dirt often blend in the with colors.  These stains can easily cause irreparably harm to the rug if left to sit for long enough.  Don't wait till the damage is done, and that beautiful pattern is faded to get a safe, deep & affordable cleaning on your rug.
Our Rug Cleaning services will be gentle on your fine oriental rugs while giving them the deep clean that is needed to rid them of dirt.  We use eco-friendly cleaning products with all of our different cleaning services from carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning.  Our cleaning service also has one of the fastest turn around times on the market.  If you want your rug cleaned right, and cleaned now than give The Best Carpet Cleaners in San Antonio a call, you'll be glad you did.
Inside and Outside Cleaning -
San Antonio Residential
Cleaning Services
You work too hard to spend your weekends cleaning your house.  Count on us to give your house an extensive inside & outside cleaning while you're relaxing or out with family.  We'll handle everything from Carpet Cleaning and Grout Removal to Upholstery Cleaning, Window Cleaning and Pet Soil Removal. Imagine coming home to a completely clean ​house with only the most environmentally cleaners used. Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee & a ton of solid reviews that your welcome to check out in our google or facebook reviews page.
We also have a discount for bundled services.  Our discount will save you time, money, and a ton of headache.
​Call us today for a free quote 210-899-4211